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Embily cardholders will see the Wallet menu immediately after logging onto their Embily Portal.

On the left column, you can:

In the central frame, you can:

  • Check the balance of the chosen card

  • "Show card info" - view all card data (CVV, full number, etc.). This info is available for 45 seconds before it is re-hidden for security purposes

  • Change "Card settings" - here you can:

    1. Change PIN code - this function is available only for plastic cards.

    2. Change the 3DS password used for online purchases.

    3. Lock Card - this will block all transactions from a card. If you've lost your card, you can also cancel it and have a new one reissued. Reach out to our support chat so a representative can help you.

    4. Close Card - permanent card blocking.

  • Add funds to the balance of this card from your IBAN account or using crypto

  • Send funds from this card to another of your cards or transfer funds to your IBAN account.

Remaining limits

Here you can check your monthly or daily limits on each card. By default, all users have Tier 1.

The bottom of this page will display the last transactions of a card so that you can easily track your spending.

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