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How do I order an Embily card?
How do I order an Embily card?

Details about ordering plastic and virtual cards.

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Hold up-you must have already created an Embily account. If you haven’t done so yet, please refer to this article and return after completing registration.

PROTIP: Know your Customer (KYC) will be required at the end for your card to be delivered and/or ready for activation. Some companies do that at the beginning others like ours do it near the end.

After logging in to your new Embily Portal, you’ll see the "Order New Card" button on the main page.

You can also click on the "十 Add new" and "Add new card" in the lower-left corner if it's easier.

Our Instagram/Twitter followers know that we’re always doing fun promotions. Have a promo code? We’ve been waiting for this moment! Simply press "I have promo code.", enter it, and click "Activate" so we can adjust the pricing depending on the discount associated with your code.

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Here comes the fun part- plastic or virtual? We offer both, each with its unique differences.

  • Virtual cards do not have a physical shell, so they can be used immediately after payment (and passing the KYC verification). No need to wait for a courier! Virtual cards have all the data and numerical properties of a regular payment card, including CVV and expiration date, making them popular for recurring payments and online shopping. Our virtual cards also support ApplePay and GooglePay, making them a lightweight and convenient payment option for compatible ATMs and POS terminals. Virtual cards are free.

  • Our plastic cards look awesome and are a favorite for day-to-day purchases and travel. Their physical aspect allows you to withdraw funds at any ATM and use them at any POS terminal where VISA is accepted. Plastic cards are free, you only need to cover the delivery price.

Choose which card you want to order by pressing "Order card" under either virtual or plastic card. Don’t worry, you can still order another type in the future. Why not both?

When you make 1st top-up with crypto, we will return the delivery price on the plastic card's balance.

You need to confirm your shipping address from earlier when you registered with us on the next page. If everything is correct - press "Yes, everything is correct." If no - press on the blue-linked "email” to contact us since we’ll need to change it ourselves..

Read the Prepaid Card Terms, mark the-” I agree,” and then click "Pay now"

On this page, you’ll be able to choose how to make a payment. We keep it simple and currently take: card, BTC or USDTETH

Pay by card.
Enter all information for payment.

Payment in BTC or USDTETH.
Send 15 or 6 EUR (depending on what card) in crypto to the address shown after selecting either the PAY BTC or PAY USDTETH options. Every payment will have a unique address.

If you see this message, it means that the system has successfully accepted your payment.

Great! The card was ordered. As previously mentioned, the next step is passing KYC verification, which will officially:
- Add your card to the delivery queue (if plastic).
- Ready for activation (if virtual).

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