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How to pass KYC?
How to pass KYC?

This instruction describes the entire process of passing the verification procedure.

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We always say Bitcoiners make Embily for Bitcoiners, and many of us remember the wild west world of early crypto transactions. However, part of mass adoption means integration into the current financial structures. Participating in Know Your Customer allows us to be compliant with international financial standards to continue to operate at a global scale and provide you with the best way to manage crypto. So, yes, it is required, and it’s kind of a dealbreaker for us if you don’t want to go through with it. Sorry, but not sorry!

After successful payment, you should see a blue button that says "Start identification."

Kindly agree to undergo the KYC procedure so we can all just get along.

image.png (967×909)

Select the type of document you wish to use, ensuring it contains the same data you entered earlier during registration.

image.png (599×432)


image.png (464×677)

The camera will turn on - place the entire spread of the document in the rectangle.


image.png (821×652)

Ensure that the photo is clear and all data is visible, not blurry, overexposed, or obscured.


Don’t be shy! Place yourself in front of the camera. No one other than you should be in the camera's field of view.

Your face should be visible, so if it’s not, you may slowly approach the camera until the system recognizes it and approves the procedure. Wow- gorgeous.

After the window with the oval closes, it will take a few seconds for the photos to be processed.

When the photo processing is over, a comprehensive check of your selfie and passport photo will begin.

If the facial verification is rejected, you will see the following page:

• Press TRY AGAIN to re-verify.

• To try a different face verification method, click Try alternative method.

• Or try to pass verification on your smartphone click - Use your mobile phone.

PROTIP: Our user feedback shows that the easiest way to go through verification is on a smartphone. Simply scan the QR code or enter your phone number to get a link to verify on your smartphone.

If you see a circle with a cross inside - uh oh, that happens sometimes - please send a screenshot of this page to the support chat immediately.

We will check it ASAP and advise you on what you need to do for successful verification.

Successful verification:

image.png (1354×594)

Once the procedure is successfully completed, you’ll see a new green notification informing you of your status

Now you can sit back and relax while we send you your plastic card or activate your virtual card right away!

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