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How to make an IBAN transfer?
How to make an IBAN transfer?
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To make a transfer from your IBAN account, use Send button on the IBAN accounts page.

Now you have to choose where you want to make a transfer.

You can send funds from your IBAN account to the balance of any of your Embily cards. For this, you have to choose To myself:

The form "From" must be an IBAN account, and in the "To" form, you can choose to which cards balance you want to send funds by its four last digits.

Funds will be credited to the card balance within a few minutes.

How to make a transfer to other IBAN accounts?

For making this transfer, choose To others "SEPA transfer".

In this step, you have to fill out the forms with the following:

  • IBAN of the recipient of the transfer

  • Receiver name

  • Description of the transfer - what is the purpose of the transfer (for example, paying rent for an apartment)

  • Transfer amount

If you need to make a transfer on the exact amount of funds, you need to enter this amount into the "Recipient get" field. The "Send" field automatically adds a fee for this transaction, and this amount of funds will be debited from your IBAN account balance.

You can fill in the "Send" field to any available funds on your IBAN account, and the "Recipient get" field will also show you what amount will be received.

In case your IBAN account balance has insufficient funds, you need to transfer funds from your card to it. For this, go to the IBAN accounts Send page and choose To myself "Between my Embily accounts".

The form "From" must be one of your Embily cards, and the "To" form must be your IBAN account.

Funds will be transferred to the IBAN account within a few minutes, and after that, you can make a SEPA transfer.

When you fill out the form with the required information, click the Transfer button and re-check all information. You can confirm your transaction by clicking the Transfer button again if everything is correct.

You'll be notified that your transaction was successfully initiated, and funds will be debited from your IBAN account balance.

The main IBAN account page will also contain information about your last transaction.

Processing SEPA transfers take place within 1-5 business days.

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