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How to open an IBAN account?
How to open an IBAN account?
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If you have an active card, you can open an IBAN account to send money to a bank participating in such transfers. IBAN transfer is a convenient way to perform a funds transfer.

To open an Embily IBAN account, use Add new button on the left side menu

And choose Open IBAN

Please confirm opening a EUR IBAN account and agree to the Terms.

Your IBAN account will be ready in a few minutes, and then you can start using it to make transfers to your Embily cards or other IBAN accounts.

You can use the Get account details button to get your credentials of IBAN

You can copy your IBAN details, use a QR code for replenishment or Send your IBAN details by email to someone else using the appropriate buttons.

It is important to note that one person can have only one IBAN account.


  • Opening an IBAN account is free.

  • Monthly service fee - free.

  • Incoming SEPA - 0.10% of the payment amount.

  • Outgoing SEPA - 0.02% of the payment amount.

  • Closing an IBAN account is free. When the IBAN account is closed, it cannot be reopened.

In this article, you can get information about How to make IBAN transfers and work with your IBAN account.

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