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How to activate a plastic card?
How to activate a plastic card?

Already received a plastic card? - Let`s activate your card!

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Knock knock- courier’s here! The card comes in a sleek envelope, and now you just need to activate it. Login to your Embily Portal and click on the "Activate Card" button to go through a few simple steps before you’re ready to spend.

Enter the number of the plastic card that you received.

You’ll need to set a password to be used when making online transactions. You’ll then need to enter the same password again to confirm it.

Your password must not be shorter than eight characters and must also contain only Latin letters and numbers. For example: EmbilyRocks2021

In the next window, you’ll set your a PIN code for future ATM withdrawals:

Afterward, you’ll be automatically redirected to the card menu.

You’re now the owner of an activated Embily VISA Card. Nice!

Your card is almost ready to use. You need to replenish it and check the balance through any ATM by inserting the card into the card reader. This operation is free.

If there is no function for balance inquiry, you can withdraw a minimal sum of your funds from the ATM.

After that, the card will finally become active and ready to be used.

Embily VISA card is supported by UAB Walletto under the card distribution program.

Happy shopping!

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